Local Authority Decarbonisation

We understand the enormous challenge for Local Authorities that have declared climate emergencies, set net-zero emissions carbon targets, or otherwise fixed ambitious goals for decarbonising their operations and services.

A common language for understanding the challenge is a fundamental starting point, and just by achieving a good standard of Carbon Literacy in decision making structures a Local Authority can start to have a measurable positive impact on emissions figures.

Behaviour change theory is clear - understanding and awareness give rise to greater consideration of decisions that have an impact on carbon expenditure, and greater consideration equates to decisions that support carbon reduction goals.

Individual council executive leaders, senior managers and local councillors are welcome to take our Carbon Literacy certification course on an individual basis.

A shared culture of understanding at all levels reinforces and amplifies behaviour change; if you would like to discuss bespoke training packages to work with your Local Authority on a wider scale we would be happy to collaborate with you.