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Anyone can learn to 'Speak Carbon'. Our accessible and easy to digest courses have been designed so that everyone gets something out of them: from beginners to seasoned campaigners.

‘Speaking Carbon’ allows people, businesses and organisations to understand and communicate effectively around the issues we face and collaborate on finding solutions together. Climate change and increasing greenhouse gas emissions are having an impact on our lives already, be it through extreme weather events or health impacts of air pollution. At the same time we need to build back a more resilient and kinder city to recover from the pandemic.

How we talk about all these issues affects people’s ability to act. 'Speak Carbon' is about telling positive stories around the Climate Emergency using online story-telling labs. These help build carbon literacy: ‘ the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how humankind lives, works and behaves in response to climate change.’

About Speak Carbon

Speak Carbon is an accredited training provider for the Carbon Literacy Project. Our objective is to provide easy to access online courses to help people make the first step in their climate impact behaviour change journey, by understanding the fundamental principles of climate change, and begin to learn ways to think about and engage with the issues, as well as tools to have productive conversations with friends, colleagues and family members.

About the Carbon Literacy Project

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