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A Common Language for Climate Emergency Action

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It’s an Emergency!

To tackle the Climate Emergency we need a common language we can all use to understand, collaborate, and take action; we call this the ability to 'Speak Carbon”.

‘Speaking Carbon’ creates collaboration between; doctors, citizens, community leaders, artists, Local Authorities and local business - everyone - to find the solutions and opportunities available, as we shift to a zero-emission planet.

Start by joining a Speak Carbon Lab; designed to engage everyone from seasoned campaigners to people beginning their climate learning by sharing knowledge, individual stories and action plans around the Climate Emergency. Each lab gives one day’s Carbon Literacy Project accredited learning tailored to fit your industry, community or organisation. With trained specialised facilitators our Labs build Carbon Literacy: ‘the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how humankind lives, works and behaves in response to climate change.’

When you have learned to Speak Carbon, created an action plan and with a Carbon Literacy certification to prove it; join our network to collaborate on Climate Emergency action and help build our common language for everyone.

About Speak Carbon

Speak Carbon is an accredited training provider for the Carbon Literacy Project. Our objective is to provide easy to access online Labs to help people make the first step in their climate impact behaviour change journey, by understanding the fundamental principles of climate change, and begin to learn ways to think about, collaborate and engage with the issues, as well as tools to have productive conversations with friends, colleagues and family members.

About the Carbon Literacy Project

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